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The DIR-514 Wireless N 300 3G Router allows you to connect a
3G/4G (LTE) USB adapter or smartphone to share your mobile broadband connection
with multiple PCs and devices through Wi-Fi. The router supports Wi-Fi Hotspot
mode where you can connect and access the Internet through Wi-Fi Hotspots in
public areas such as airports, hotels, and restaurants. The Internet port can
be used to connect a Cable or xDSL modem for an Internet connection with 3G
failover. While the LAN port can be used to connect a wired PC for a
traditional LAN connection.



The D-Link DIR-514 Wireless N 300 3G Router allows users to
access worldwide mobile broadband. Simply insert a compatible 3G/4G (LTE) USB
adapter or Smartphone and share your 3G/4G (LTE) Internet connection through a
secure, high-speed wireless network. Enjoy increased speed and range over
traditional 802.11n/g standards1 thanks to the latest Wireless N 300
technology. Users can connect and access the Internet through Wi-Fi Hotspots in
public areas such as airports, hotels, and restaurants. A 10/100 Ethernet WAN
port allows you to attach a xDSL/Cable modem as the primary or backup link,
while auto-failover ensures an uninterrupted connection by automatically
connecting to your 3G/4G (LTE) network whenever the WAN link is lost.


The DIR-514 ensures a secure Wi-Fi network through the use
of WPA/WPA2 wireless encryption. Simply press the WPS button to quickly
establish a secure connection to new devices. The DIR-514 also utilizes active
firewall (NAT) to prevent potential attacks and intrusions from across the Internet.


The Wireless N 300 3G Router can be installed quickly and
easily almost anywhere. This router is great for situations where an impromptu
wireless network must be set up, or wherever conventional network access is
unavailable. The DIR-514 can even be installed on buses, trains, or boats,
allowing passengers to check e-mail or chat online while commuting.


This Wireless N 300 3G Router uses powerful 802.11n
technology with multiple intelligent antennas to maximize the speed and range
of your wireless signal to significantly outperform previous-generation
Wireless G MIMO devices1. The antennas on the Wireless N 300 Router make use of
your home’s environment by bouncing multiple wireless signals off walls and
ceilings to work around obstructions and help eliminate dead spots.


  • Compatible Mobile Networks
  • VPN
  • L2TP/PPTP/IPSEC Passthrough - L2TP/PPTP over WAN
  • Data Rates
  • 21Mbps/5.76Mbps
  • Firewall
  • ƒNetwork address Translation (NaT)
    ƒMaC address Filtering
    ƒWebsite Filtering
    ƒInbound Filtering
    ƒOutbound Filtering
  • Interfaces
  • 10/100 Ethernet WaN/LaN port (RJ-45)
    ƒUSB 2.0 port
  • Wireless Standard
  • N 300
  • Wireless Security
  • WEP 64/128 , WPA/WPA2 , WPS
  • Advanced functions
  • 3G auto-Failover
    UPnP™ Support
  • multiple intelligent antennas